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You’re an individual, a unique personality with skills and abilities like nobody else – and that’s the way we want you to stay. Join Lime Systems and we won’t try to make you fit a corporate mold – we want you to be you. No one wants to go through life dreading the nine to five. We all want a career that’s rewarding in every sense – and that’s what’s available through Lime Systems.

We’ll give you every opportunity to think freely, to develop your skills and experience, and to work with a variety of different clients from the outset.

Our whole business is built on teamwork, so there’ll always be some other bright spark for you to bounce ideas off, and you’ll find yourself working closely with everyone, from the most senior team members to the keenest new recruits.

Why work for Lime Systems?

We can give your career a clear sense of direction. We don’t want to change who you are – we want to help you use your skills, initiative and personality to get the most out of your working life.

Rewards & Benefits

As well as very competitive salaries, we offer all our employees a comprehensive package of benefits that adds real value.

Learning & Development

When you grow, we grow. Your professional development is vitally important to us and we’ll be encouraging it at every step.

Our Openings

We are always looking for bright sparks in the form of new talent. We are growing and we have openings for the following positions:

  • Client Advocates
  • Network Administrators

Take a moment to e-mail us your resume and salary requirements along with a clear and clever cover letter and we’ll be sure to take a look.