Cyber Alerts

Based on recent and current news and credible threat analysis, we have issued a HIGH alert that we wanted to provide information to you to protect you, your business, your technology and your family.

The Alert

Recently 36 million data records from an adult cheating site called Ashley Madison were hacked and released on the internet. This coupled with the quality of the also recent Office of Personnel Management hack which resulted in the loss of very detailed information on 22.1 million people will provide an unprecedented opportunity for criminals to take advantage of each one of us.  Even if you are certain that you were not involved in either of these data loss events, you may still be targeted.   Most likely criminals will send you e-mail either indicating they have or threaten to have your personal information.

Actions to Take

This is a very important alert so, please take the following actions immediately to protect yourself:

  • Forward this e-mail or similar to your friends, family, emp0loyees and co-workers
  • Ensure that your e-mail spam filter is up to date and set to maximum protection
  • Treat ANY link appearing in e-mail as suspicious as this is a way hackers try to steal your information. Send any suck links to your IT team for investigation.
  • Treat ANY e-mail containing what purports to either have or threaten to have your personal information as highly suspect and delete such e-mail immediately.
  • Send ANY e-mail that is attempting to extort money to law enforcement or us to send to law enforcement.

This CyberSecurity/CyberProtectionALERT has been brought to you as a service from Lime Systems based on a daily review of dozens of threat intelligence news feeds and alerts from the federal government, cyber alert systems and the info SEC community at large