Who We Are


The Leadership Team at Lime Systems has over a combined 50 years of experience in the field both delivering technology to Main Street USA at the Small to Medium Business level through to Wall Street and Globally. We have very strong do main experience in industries as diverse as Law Firms, Corporate Legal, Small and Mid-Sized Businesses (15 – 250 employees), Professional Services Firms, Education, Accounting/Finance, Architects and Engineers and Software and High Technology to name a few.

Why Us?

At Lime Systems, we’re driven to by a love of technology and a never ending passion to provide our clients with world class service so they can check IT off their to-do list. We have built a team of experts who live and breathe SMARTER Technology so we can deliver the best possible results every day, no exceptions. Our clients tell us that using Lime Systems has been transformational on their business. Given the Leadership Team’s very strong domain experience in Accounting/Finance, Legal and Purchasing/Supply Chain our emphasis on ethics and compliance is second to none. We focus on the best possible results for our clients and do not allow anyone or anything get in the way of that responsibility.
Resource Center / Overview
Being a top Notch Technology Management Firm involves providing thought leadership on a number of topics that are vitally important to CE’s and Business Leaders in today’s business environment. Our resource library is designed to both enlighten, educate and stimulate a dialogue regarding issues that are vitally important to the business community. The Resources that will be available shortly, consist of one or more of the following: